Handpicked Tips For Building A Successful Android App

15 Oct

When you have what it takes to built an awesome mobile app, Google Play Store is a lucrative niche to tap into. Another harsh aspect to this is that there are over a million apps listed and earning user love can be a daunting task.

Moreover, there are many Android app developers for hire, in the market.In order to create a widely successful app, you must follow these actionable tips that will help you in your app ventures.

Handpicked Tips For Building A Successful Android App

Understanding the market

Don’t rush into implementing that cool app idea you had yesterday. First, you must go into the basics. Despite Android having a bigger market share as compared to iOS, iOS users have been shelling out four times more money on apps. Which means that potentially, iOS developers can make more money. However, on the positive, those developers who are targeting the Android users, have to access to a larger user base.

Weighing the pros and cons : What must be your monetization scheme : Paid or advertising? What is more lucrative (and beneficial to you)? Quick profit or a larger user base?

A noteworthy fact is that freemium games bring in most revenue to Android developers, despite messaging and mobile security currently topping the list of most downloaded apps.

With Android, you will gain access to considerable emerging markets including India, SEA, Latin America, China and Russia. However, you must realize that they simply lack spending habits.

Layout flexibility

Android devices come in a number of shapes and sizes. In order to stretch their content to fit different types of screens (and yet, look amazing), one must ensure usage of layout designs. A recommended best practice is to follow the official design guidelines rolled out by Google.

Never reproduce an iOS app

Cloning an iOS app for Android can be a huge mistake, and it’s quite common these days. It is one of the factors that is killing the user experience: Pushing design and usability standards to Android users.

Always remember offline experience

Have you seen the impeccable offline experience of WorkFlowy and Evernote? Apps that deliver a “wow” offline experience usually manage to achieve a lot of user love. In order to avoid a wave of user frustration after launch, you must always think ahead of how your app will work in offline mode.

Intuitively simple apps

Intuitively simple ones are the best apps in the market. If users do not come across a super easy to use design, they will drop off quickly. You must have people in your tech-savvy circle to use your app. Then watch closely how they interact with it. Is the app intitive? Are the buttons of comfortable size? Where all did they get stuck? How are the texts?

As you see all these, make notes and continue to iterate.

Support for different languages:

Localized versions of your android app that woo users, always proves to be a smart maneuver as Android apps are hugely popular in different regions. Usually, the user interface that can be localized, is stored onto separate resource files. The app will automatically switch to the device’s default locale by specifying the configuration language and region qualifier.

We hope these tips help you create “wow” apps in future.


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