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Top 4 Languages Used By Professionals For Mobile App Development

3 May

With more and more businesses leveraging mobile app development, you can see hundreds of thousands of apps getting developed each day. When it comes to developing an app, several factors needs to be considered, ranging from the app and interface design to functionality. But regardless of how your app is designed, the major factor that helps to make it work is the programming language.

In short, the language you use for coding the app requires attention to detail irrespective of what type your development partner is building. As you may know, there are two different ways of coding the app:

  • First, you can write code once and run it across different web browsers. This helps in reducing your time and burden in coding for each platform individually.

  • Secondly, you will have to code for each mobile app platform separately. Of course, building a dedicated application can be costly. However, the performance of such apps is a lot better than web apps.

Irrespective of which type (native or the web) app you plan on developing, a reliable developer can help you create an effective product that performs as per your needs. But the most important question is “Which programming language you should choose for building a quality app?” Let’s have an overview of the most commonly used and preferred languages for app development:

programming lang


The Apple’s popular Swift language is now open source and is capable of building apps for all the Apple and Linux platforms. Swift is nothing but a modern and improved version of Objective-C language. However, the fact that Swift is similar to the Java programming language is what makes it an attractive choice among iPhone app development company for coding mobile apps. Also, it is less cluttered and easier to understand compared to previous Apple programming languages. Besides, the Swift language is easier to learn and use. It was mainly created to work with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch languages.


The most popular language used by the majority of app developers for mobile application development is Java. It is an object-oriented language built by Sun Microsystems and is utilized by the Android OS. Java enables developers to write code only once and make it run in many different environments, browsers, etc.

Since most of the developers are familiar with the Java programming language, it becomes easier to build apps using this programming language. Moreover, Java helps in speeding up development and deployment of mobile apps by allowing developers to reuse code.


While it’s true that most of the developers prefer using the Swift language over Objective-C, but you can’t deny the fact that the latter is still used for app development. Moreover, since Objective-C is Apple’s oldest language, its use won’t abate anytime soon. Since Objective-C is based on the OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) concept, it helps in writing the code around separate objects having their own data and logic.

Although you will have to spend time in rigorous planning during application development, but the benefit of using Objective-C is the ease it provides in avoiding long strings of code. Instead, the language creates classes with attributes and functions for objects.


Last on the list, HTML5 is becoming the ideal programming language for building web applications for the front-end. Furthermore, the responsive nature of HTML5 help developers in creating apps for multiple screen sizes, and for different browsers. Another great advantage of using this language makes app development a less expensive process.

Remember, HTML5 is the best choice for building browser-based apps.


Do you know which programming language will best fit your app development project needs? If not, then reading this post will definitely give you an idea of the most popular and widely used languages you should consider for developing an app.


Reasons To Develop Applications In Java

25 Apr

It’s more than a decade that Java programming language is considered as one of the most popular programming languages by developers across the world. In 2015, the language once again has proved itself as a driving force programming platform in the industry, as it has really gained a high lead in the TIOBE programming community index. Java has been ranked in TIOBE (comprises of extreme methodological process to rate programming languages) and is also ranked with RedMonk ( that is commonly known as developer’s focused analyst organization) that gives a good ranking of Java programming language. As Java is known as one of the major player in the enterprise world, it is quite obvious to say that Java has always been considered as a steady pace by the developers. But, the question arises is how to trace its recent growth? Oracle’s hardwork in introducing lambdas concept and Java 8 streams are eventually drawing a big concept in recent times. With recent conversion of Android’s into OpenJDK, and with the upcoming release of Java 9, it is well predicted that Java’s interconnection will continue to rise in future.

Now, wide number of organizations are taking a major step in developing iPhone applications to take their business into the next higher level of success. These organizations are continuously seeking for both flexibility to acquire iPhone resources as well as the ability to gear up for iPhone and iPad app development projects that will eventually require a highly customized app development skills. Between all these things, one of the biggest issues is to decide how to hire iPhone app developer at reasonable rates, that is bit difficult to insight in terms of skills that are essentially needed to hire talented iPhone developers and to meet highly competitive project timeliness successfully.

This is considered as a boon to the industry and has definitely created a new flow of working styles. But, as developers, what we have come to know is that its continuous research will surely keep developers in curious stage to know more about Java features. Here are few reasons that why Java will always be considered for future projects:

Java mobile app development

  • Managed Runtime

If you are a Java developer then you must be aware of the fact that the JVM’s garbage collector largely reduces the complexity of dealing with the process of writing memory safe applications as well as it eliminates most of the error-related work that are associated with manual memory management process. Reflection is considered as one of the managed runtime cognition that enables highly advanced concepts such as dependency injection and aspect oriented programming features.

  • Code Sharing

Java is executed on the back-end section, specifically on Android as well as on iOS platforms, that covers all the specific platforms. With the advantage of this portability option, you can easily save development cost as well as resources by the process of sharing large sections of the code between these platforms.

  • Huge communities

Depending on various factors, you can say that there are more that 9+ million Java developers around the world as estimated. These numbers can easily be translated into a wide number of conferences, books, online resources, forums and training programs from which Java developers are allowed to choose with a motive to improve their skills further. Working with the Java’s ubiquitous on both the server as well as mobile side of applications, Java developers are efficiently positioned to relocate freely to the full stack.


From the above article, it is right to say that Android and iOS applications should definitely be developed in Java as it offers robust features while developing any application, ease of use, cross-platform capabilities and high security features. Java has surely become a language of choice for almost all the developers.

iOS vs. Android – Which Platform Best Suit Mobile App Development For Business

15 Apr

With more and more companies making their way into the market, the competition has heightened to a great extent. One great way to beat the competition is to build an innovative and unique mobile app, ideally one that helps add value to consumers. As you may know, the use of smartphones is increasing at a fast pace, which enhances the likelihood of getting your apps downloaded by the majority of users. In fact, many businesses and companies are already making use of mobile applications as a tool to drive more users or to boost work productivity.

In order to meet the continuous demand for apps, companies are leveraging services of a professional to build something that could easily help them stand out from their competitors. So, if you have finally made up your mind on developing an app, possibly you might get stuck at deciding whether you hire iPhone app developer or an Android app development expert. The battle between developing an iOS or Android app is not new and has been brewing for quite some time now. But, in case you still find it difficult to come to some conclusion, below are a few important considerations worth taking at look at:


1. Increased Visibility

When it comes to increasing the visibility of your app, Android is the best platform that can offer you extended reach. After all, the OS holds maximum smartphone market share which means that creating an Android app help expand your reach to a larger user base compared to iOS applications.

2. Revenue Generation

In terms of revenue generation iOS apps surpass Android. In fact, it is estimated that “Apple’s app generate 73 percent revenue compared to 23 percent app revenue generated by Android.” Also, the sales revenue of iPhone/iPad apps is at least five times more than that of Google’s app. So, if you plan to monetize from your app, then to develop an application for Apple users will best fit your needs.

3. Publishing Your App

Getting your app published on Android app store is a lot easier in comparison to Apple. That’s because, unlike Apple’s stringent rules and regulations, the publishing process that you need to follow for Android applications is pretty simple. You just need a publisher account at Google Play Store and need to gain knowledge about publisher console and available tools. Next, enter all the necessary data at the Google Play Developer Console and then agree to the distribution terms. And then, pay the registration fee. After your account gets verified, you can make your app published directly via the Developer Console.

4. Design Standards

The design standards of iOS applications are better than Android apps, which can be attributed to Apple’s strict guidelines. However, the scenario has changed a bit post the release of Android’s Material Design principles. But still, iOS applications seem to have an upper hand over Android-based apps when it comes to developing one based on high quality design standards.

5. Which Produces Secure Apps?

Apple’s closed environment called “walled garden” helps in building secure apps free from malware. Besides, Apple avoids users from installing applications from third-party source. It only allows downloading apps from its app store, which helps in preventing malicious apps from making their way into the app store. In comparison to Apple apps, Android-based applications are less secure and more prone to getting attacked because of its increasing popularity.

Wrapping Up!

Hope the above list of points will help you decide which app platform will befit your business needs. But if you still feel confused, the best way to make the right decision is to understand the behavior of your customers and their needs. Basically, you need to check out whether your user prefers Google services like Google Now, Maps, etc., or find iTunes more useful. Getting information about your customer wants and needs from a mobile app will apparently enable you to decide which app platform is perfect for you.

Drawbacks Involved In Developing Mobile Applications

30 Mar

More organizations are now turning towards developing mobile applications for their organizations. It’s just because business applications have many evident advantages. We have seen such a variety of examples of overcoming adversity in the previous couple of years, that more organizations are propelled to go mobile app based. It is thus exhorted that we are not distracted by conceivable outcomes. In the event that any portable application is a matter of fact that every business needs, and you should comprehend what reason it will serve and how gainful it will be to you?

If there is something that has given a new definition to the whole world in terms of technology, then it is surely iOS apps. Between, you will come across thousands of iPhone App development companies that holds an extensive experience as well as development skills on developing iOS applications.

mobile app

All things considered, mobile applications most of the times are preferred for downloadable purposes that every clients can introduce on their respective devices. These applications are a medium for clients to be in consistent touch with your business. It’s extraordinary for your business as well as you can send information about your most recent developments and what it offers and so on.

Nonetheless, there are few risks that are involved in the event where you will find that your application is not functioning appropriately.

Assess what highlights you have to incorporate into your mobile applications

Clients are going to download your application just on the off chance that they discover worth in keeping them continuously on their mobile phones. On the off chance that if any of your mobile application is repetitive and functions only to promote your business features, then it is almost useless if we talk in terms of productivity for the client. A client will without a doubt, erase such an application. Apart from these facts, before you jump into the improvement stage, deliberately list out for what highlights you might want to incorporate into your application. Select the components that are valuable for your clients.

Outcomes of building an application that your objective clients don’t need

One of the most negative impact on your developing mobile application is that for any business building up a portable application where you are delivering an application that your clients don’t need. Mobile application development process requires huge time limit to make the application function effectively.

It’s all squandered if nobody utilizes the application. How can this happen? This happens when you approach mobile application improvement stages from the wrong point of view.

Danger of unsustainable client development

On the inverse end of the development, we find another test: What happens if an excess of individuals are utilizing your application? Consider the possibility that it takes off quicker than you could ever anticipate. You could be stuck supporting a huge number of clients. Is it accurate to say that you are ready for that?

Dangers of security breaks

Security breaks are surely just the same old thing new, and apply to a web or mobile application. The threat here lies in belittling the requirement for legitimate security precautionary measures inside the mobile applications. A few organizations commit the error of accepting local applications are innately secure, and disregard appropriate efforts to establish safety all the while.

Danger of putting resources into a stage that you can’t control

As I would like to think, the greatest danger of mobile application improvement lies in your complete absence of controlling over the stage itself. What happens if the stage proprietor chooses to offer itself or close down totally? Since you have no power over the stage, you’re in a tough situation.

So, I hope you guys have got enough idea about various dangers that might occur with your mobile apps development process.

Thinking about iPhone app internationalization? Hiring a trained iPhone app programmer can help

7 May iPhone Application Development

Well, now that that you’re done with building an outstanding iPhone application, it’s time to integrate the internationalization features so as to extend its reach across countries all over the world. If you look at the statistics, it’s quite clear that nearly 8 out of every 10 largest iPhone markets don’t belong to native English speakers. Therefore, opting for internationalization of your iPhone app is perhaps an excellent option to ensure greater market penetration. Through this article, I’ll be focusing on hiring an iPhone application programmer who can look into this requirement for your iPhone application.

Translation of user interface is of prime importance

As an approach to internationalize your iPhone app, make sure the iPhone App Development Company which you hire for performing the job has a team of programmers which is competent in customizing the user interface while keeping the cultural differences in mind. Ranging from graphics and texts to multimedia etc, make sure the programmer has ample amount of experience in performing tweaks to the app’s user interface in a way that it can woo users from different parts of the world.

Effective localization of metadata within the app store is vital

As an app developer, you need to look into translating the iPhone application into a languages that can be readily read and understood by the natives. For instance, if you intend to develop an iPhone application in Burmese, the the very first step that you need to follow is translate the application description into Burmese. It is this application description which serves as an excellent tool for accurate app marketing. You must know that something which is effective in English might not be effective in Burmese. Therefore, it is a wise decision to write the application description in accordance to the cultural ethinicity of the users you’re targeting.

Modifying log and keywords based on local langauge is mandatory

While seeking an iPhone app developer who can perform internationalization of your iPhone application, it is recommended to opt for the one who can easily modify the log along with the keywords that enable users to reach your application. If the app programmer fails to do so, then you can end up driving the attention of a limited group of targeted audience. In order to allow the app to support content in multiple local languages, you need to create a separate user, followed by integrating content with the application and accepting the user generated text in the desired local language.

Promotion of the internationalized iPhone application is a must-do

Once the iPhone app developer is done with intergrating internationalization feature in your iPhone app, it’s time for him/her to explore the iPhone App Store resource center for finding a variety of promotional badges and images which can play a significant role in effective promotion of the iPhone application that’s now available in a set of languages.


If you’ve gone through the above details carefully, you’d have got a clear insights into the easy execution of iPhone app internationalization process. By following some really simple steps, you can transform your current iPhone app into one that can reach a global audience.

Key Factors to Know While Outsourcing Your iPhone App Development Project

20 Mar

Image 1It’s a well-known fact that Apple’s iPhone has beaten off the competition and it has successfully managed to become a people’s platform. The company has been able to generate stunning demand for its devices with each passing year constantly. The product’s ultimate success lies in the development of breathtaking applications that truly engaging and stimulating.

Folks love iOS apps because they are user-friendly and engaging. Looking at the higher percentage of growing iPhone users, it can be said that iOS apps have transformed the mobile app development in a very dynamic way. Given to its popularity, it’s no surprising that many businesses have included iPhone app development as an integral part of their strategy. Programmers too have started looking at this platform with a great positivity. There are so many offshore software companies out there that are into iPhone development and help you get your application built effectively.

However, choosing the right iPhone app development company for your business is a crucial step and should be dealt with proper care. The Apple fever is catching up so many companies, so how would you decide which one is just right for you. There are some key factors which one must consider before you finally outsource your project.

Some of them are:

1. Level of Experience

Make sure that whatever the company you select, it must posses long years of working experience in creating iPhone apps. Additionally, they should also know how to market your app better among your users.

2. Check Previous Work

Image 2It’s important to check previous work of the company you are going to select. They should also be open to show you their past work to instill confidence in your mind. This way you can see that quality they have maintained in their work. Check their portfolio to see the work and projects accomplished by them.

3. Level of Innovation

Users love apps that are innovative and engaging. Apps that are built using ground breaking concept have the tendency to attract target audience as compared to those which are not. So, make sure that your chosen company has a team of developers who are skillful enough to create unique and ingenious apps to stimulate your audience.

4. Ability to Customize Image 3It should be able to provide customized services which can be adjusted as per your business needs. Customized services rule the business world and it’s a no secret that many businesses prefer to have them to provide their customers exactly what they want.

5. Application Design

After all, the basic goal behind an application building is to create user engagement and generate revenue. Your chosen iPhone app development company must be able to create designs that are fresh, enticing, and stimulate conversions. They know factors to consider while planning the design of an app. A quality design is attractive and provides a positive user experience, which is important to create a loyal customer base.

To Sum Up

Application development is a step that has a massive bearing on your digital presence. So, make the right choice while selecting a company and develop applications that help you stay ahead of the curve.

Handoff- An iOS8 Capability That’ll Definitely Be Loved By Apple Fans

15 Jan

Image 1

With Apple making continuous efforts towards improving the cross-platform integration between Mac and iOS, there have been features that have impressed the Apple consumers residing in different corners of the world. One such amazing feature is Handoff, which has been introduced into the very latest iOS8 version. My motto behind writing this blog post is to make you familiar with the usage of Handoff feature in iOS8.

What exactly is the Handoff feature used for?

Image 2

Considering the constantly growing demand for apps, almost all the iOS application development companies are making continuous efforts to build high-performing mobile applications. What if you’re working with an application on your iPad and suddenly have to leave the home with your iPhone, with still being able to continue using the app on your iPhone? In simple words, you’re inclined on continuing with the work, irrespective of which Apple device you’re using or where you are. It’s iOS8’s Handoff feature that offers you such a flexibility, without expecting you to compromise on the ease of working with a specific iOS application. With Handoff, you can simply start working with an app on an iOS gadget and further continue to use the same app on a different device(s), provided the new device(s) are running the latest version of iOS.

Image 3

A brief on setting up Handoff in your iOS device

You need to follow the below mentioned steps for setting up Handoff in your iOS powered gadget:

1. Turn on the Wi-Fi on your iPhone/iPad/Mac

2. Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone/Mac/iPad

3. Turn on Handoff on your iPhone/Mac. For iPhone, you can go to Settings-> General-> Handoff & Suggested Apps-> Turn Handoff On. In case of Mac, go to Menu Bar-> Apple-> System Preferences-> General-> Recent Items-> Turn on the option “Allow Handoff Between this Max and your iCloud devices.

4. Now, you can start off using Handoff by simply launching a compatible app on your iOS device and swapping the app to a different device for viewing the content on it.

Three key interactions that mark the working of Handoff in iOS8

Image 4

1. Creation of a new user activity that needs to be continued to a different iOS device.

2. Updating an ongoing user activity with new data, as and when needed.

3. Transferring a user activity to a different iOS device.

An insight into the working of Handoff in iOS8 powered devices

Image 5 You may also avail iOS developer for hire to get Handoff installed on your iOS device, you’ll be able to see an evidence of it on the lock screen. You can conveniently locate Handoff app’s icon towards the bottom-left corners of the screen. Now, all you need to do is simply swipe up on this icon, enter your passcode and the respective app will launch on your device and display its current content. The best part of using Handoff is that you simply needn’t lock and unlock your device on a repetitive basis. You can simply double-click on the ‘Home’ button and reach the multi-tasking screen where the very first pane is being used by Handoff. No matter how you choose to work with Handoff, you can continue using the respective iOS app by simply invoking the Handoff on the original iOS device. One of the most crucial things that need to be kept in mind here is that the iOS device that you’re handing off from is well awake and unlocked. For example, if you’re checking your emails on your iPhone and the device gets locked automatically, Handoff won’t be able to function unless and until you unlock your phone.

Varied uses of Handoff are worth an appreciation

iOS8’s Handoff feature can be effectively used for performing a large number of activities including web browsing, email, messaging and many more. For example, an iOS user can start composing an email on his/her iPad and finish it out on his/her iPhone while heading towards his/her destination. Currently available for Safari, Numbers, Maps, Keynote, Reminders, Contacts, Messages, Mail and Calendar; Handoff is likely to become compatible with popular third-party apps including Things, Wunderlist, Pixelmator and PCalc.

Wrapping it all up!

After having a glimpse at the brand new capability of iOS8, I’m sure most of you; Apple consumers out there would have gathered the confidence of working with innovative iOS apps while traveling. The Handoff feature definitely has an incredible potential of allowing you to continue working on an iOS app, regardless of the device that you’re using for the same.

Tips on Joining App Developer Program to Develop Your First iOS App

30 Dec

Image 1 Developing an iPhone app can be a challenging as well as an exciting experience. The tech giant Apple with its iPhone applications is having a good time in the market and developers are also enjoying the unprecedented opportunities the platform has to offer them. iPhone app development has seen an unimaginative growth over the past few years with this year also being a better year for the introduction of solid applications and platforms. The sophisticated technologies, dynamic tools, and a rapidly growing industry of mobile phones and apps have made developers worldwide to come up with competitive applications and thus connect with their users.

Each iOS app development company have been showing an active contribution to this field and therefore working towards developing highly engaging applications every day. Not only this, Apple is also working to help developers who take interest in developing iOS apps that can seamlessly run on multiple devices including iPhone, iMac, iPad in the form of iPhone App Developer Program. The program is a kind of Apple’s initiative to make developers more knowledgeable about the ways of developing solid applications.

The program also helps webmasters to gain an in-depth understanding of the relevant tools and software kits available to assist them throughout the entire app development process. The program is mainly targeted at corporate institutions and individuals who show a keen interest to know about the challenges as well as opportunities existing in the iOS app development and thus make them more informative about the field.

In this post, we will be focusing on the tips of becoming part of app developer program and how it is being executed and some other related things that would help you understanding the whole concept of this program.

But before we directly take you to the subject, let’s gain some understanding about the basis of iOS app developer program.

As per Apple, iOS Developer University Program is a free program mainly dedicated to give training to education institutions that are looking for new avenues to develop highly competitive and engaging apps. Additionally, the entire program is developed in three different stages. First is for students, second is a standard program aimed for the professional app developers whose aim is to create apps for the purpose of selling and marketing. The last one is for the companies who want to develop apps to perform their day-to-day operation.

How to Join App Developer Program

Image 21. Getting an Access to The iOS App Development Program

Under the program’s curriculum, all the instructors and professors need to create a development team of up to 200 students. The motive is to strengthen the relationship existing between the trainer and the trainee and they will get more possibilities to establish an interpersonal relationship with each other.

2. Availability of iOS Development Tools

Apple provides free SDK tools for iPhone developers along with an array of other useful resources they need to get going, including the development environment Xcode, an iPhone simulator to perform testing, tools for evaluating performance, interface builders and a reference library coupled with a complete documentation.

3. Giving Them Ability To Check The Performance of App Directly on Multiple Devices

Owing to the availability of a myriad of tools and resources, students can now test and debug the applications they have created with the help of Xcode’s graphical debugger. This way they better evaluate and analyze the performance of their applications and control deviations if they occur.

Also, this method polished programmers who can be later best option as iOS developers for hire for clients with different requirements. Furthermore, students can keep an eye on the functioning of their app by installing them on their iPhone, iPad, or iMac and thus test their performance whenever they get time. This will give them a better understanding of the overall functioning of their app before the final launch.

4. Sharing Applications with Other Developers

Under the iOS Developer Program there is an app sharing feature where students as well as their professors are allowed to share their developed applications with each other and get their feedback on it. Apps could be shared either via emails or by getting them uploaded onto a specific location for a better presentation and grading.

Final Thoughts

Being an active member of app developer program is extremely helpful in getting an access to a lot of information and tools you need to create compelling iOS applications. It’s a great way of keeping oneself updated with the current happenings in the application industry and thus creating an app that proved itself to be a trend-setter.

What’s Making Small Businesses Choose An iPhone App Developer?

7 Oct

The sky-rocketing popularity of iPhones has hiked the demand for apps that can run on different models of iPhones including iPhone4, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. Not only individuals but even the entrepreneurs are leveraging the maximum advantage of these iPhone apps. Both, small businesses as well as large-budget business houses are investing a good amount of finance into development of fine-quality iPhone apps that can enable them to gather the attention of potential customers. Through this blog, I’ll be highlighting the reasons that are encouraging small enterprise owners to hire a trained iOS app developer.


1. Cost-effectiveness

The way to Hire Mobile Application Developer is highly cost-effective. There are tons and tons of websites that offer you an elaborate description about the best iOS app developers who can actively create fabulous iPhone apps as per your bespoken requirements. You need not spend a hefty sum of cash on hiring a trained iPhone app developer.

2. iPhone is way ahead in the race of smartphones

Since iPhone is still ruling the world of smartphones, a majority of small-scale business professionals have thought iPhone app development to be the finest means of winning the highest ROI(Return On Investment) rate. The only sad part associated with iPhone app development is that it comes with difficult coding that’s time-consuming. But thanks to the quick availability of iPhone app developers, you need not fear the development of absolutely remarkable iPhone apps that would suit your varying business purposes.

3. Managing iOS app development projects doesn’t expect you to be tech-savvy

One of the greatest advantages of getting engaged into iOS app development is the fact that in order to manage and monitor an iPhone app development project, you need not be aware about all the technical jargons. Also, you’re not required to possess any prior experience in developing apps for iPhones, iPads and iPods. You can go ahead by comfortably hiring ios application development services that would enable you to receive top-notch apps that can aid you in improving your conversion rates.

4. A fabulous opportunity to deal with modern client communication technologies and a variety of other conversation skills

By hiring a professional iOS Application Development Services, you can easily grab the opportunity of dealing with innovative client interaction technologies. Moreover, you can even get to know about the ultimate conversation skills that would aid you in honing your relationship with the clients residing in different corners of the world.

5. Maintaining the app’s smooth performance comes as an added advantage

Even after publishing your app on different app stores, there might be situations where your app might face some functioning issues. It is here that the significance of hiring a top-notch iOS app developer is being realized. By maintaining a good relationship with your iPhone app developer, you can easily earn the direct benefit of maintaining your app’s performance in a flawless way.


So, with all the aforementioned benefits of choosing the services of a reputed iPhone app developer, it is easy to say that best skilled developer is the one who can add stars to your iPhone app development project and make it a huge success.

How to update iOS 7.1.2 and fix the Wi-Fi issues?

8 Aug

1Everyone like to keep their gadgets updated with novel applications, and latest OS or software versions. But, there could be a few exceptional cases in which an updated version might lead to troublesome situations, for instance, a functionality issue may arise after getting the system updated.

The discussion forum of Apple clearly epitomize, how the Wi-Fi issues are consistently exploiting the user’s experience on Apple devices like iPhone and iPad, once they update their device to iOS 7.1.2. People are reporting Wi-Fi connectivity issues while connecting to some specific networks or to any network.

Fortunately, there are few workarounds available that can help you fix Wi-Fi issues with ease. Let’s have a look at them.

1.) Join the network again

You may opt to avail a renowned iOS Development Company, but this is really simple to do, and most of the time proves to be helpful too. Just rejoin a Wi-Fi network, it can be done by following the below mentioned steps-

  • Run the Settings app on your device

  • Select the Wi-Fi option

  • While standing in the range of a network, with which you are facing issues, click the info button that is adjacent to that network option on your device.

  • Once you have clicked on info button, you will get an option reading ”Forget this Network”, tap on this option.

  • After forgetting the network, reestablish the network by rejoining it.

If the problem is still persisting, it is advisable to move to the next step.

2.) Clear the network settings and reboot the device

2A certain network issue can occur due to some corrupted internal settings in an iOS. This type of issue can be resolved by resetting all the network settings. With this, all your Wi-Fi passwords are need to be re-entered.

  • Open the Setting app on your device

  • Select the General option

  • By taping on General, you will get an option for reseting (at the end of the option list), click on Reset

  • Doing so you will get another set of options, tap in Reset Network Settings

  • After selecting Reset Network Settings, your device will automatically reboot.

  • Now, when your device gets rebooted properly, you can again try to establish a connection to the network.

3.) Tweak the Wi-Fi Settings of your Router

You can opt for skilful iOS Programmers for hire, if the above mentioned steps doesn’t prove to be helpful or you must try this tweak. Tweaking the Wi-Fi settings of the Router can help you attain a connection.

  • Here, you first need to navigate to the control panel of your router.

  • Doing so, you will get some options, simply tweak the specified network type to Mixed WPA2/WPA -PSK or WPA Personal.

  • Save the tweaks that you have made

  • After saving the changes, just reboot the router

  • Again try to establish a connection with that network

This solution is quite hard to execute, and for this you might need to seek guidance from an expert IT administrator. If it’s not possible them simply move to the next step.

4.) Restore the Apple device (which is running iOS 7.1.2)

3If none of the above mentioned options are offering a solution, you can try another way by restoring your complete device. For this, you can use iTunes; it’s advisable to try Wi-Fi before recollecting your things from the backup. If Wi-Fi works this time, you can easily catch all your stuff via Wi-Fi and if its still doesn’t works, abiding by the next step may work for you.

5.) Head to an Apple Store

When all the four methods are enable to solve your Wi-Fi problems, it’s recommenced to visit a nearby Apple store and get your Apple device serviced or exchanged.


Since, there are many options of hiring an iPhone applications developer. However, the above mentioned noteworthy guide can help you remedy Wi-Fi issues in your iOS 7.1.2 device.