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5 Security Issues Upon Which An App Developer Should Work Cautiously

26 May

The advent of smartphones was one of the major breakthroughs in the industry. These advanced devices have enabled individuals to carry the Internet in their pocket and access the web as and when desired. This certainly augments Internet browsing. Then the inception of mobile applications further takes the technology to a notch higher. Soon, the mobile apps became the cornerstone of smartphones. Ever since the evolution of mobile applications, the businesses of almost all niches are incessantly revolutionizing.

After observing the rapidly increasing mobile traffic, businesses have started embracing a mobile solution to ensure their effective and efficient presence in the wobbly market space. And, to attain an invaluable mobile application for the most popular platforms (Android and iOS), organizations often prefer to hire Android app developer or iOS app developer as per the requirement. This is because to stand ahead of the curve, a trendy and prolific application is significant.

However, with the increasing popularity of mobile apps, the application security can’t be ignored. There are numerous hackers out there seeking a vulnerability to leak the sensitive information, which can harm any business. Here are a few security issues that are hard to prevent and thus, must be dealt with a great precision.

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1. Implementing the codes that are available for free

While looking for an economical and cost-effective solution, developers tend to choose the codes that are available for free to develop their applications. Some hackers take benefit of this opportunity and create code that when used by a developer can offer hackers an easy access to the crucial info.

Thus, it is advisable to research beforehand and work more attentively while using a third-party code.

2. Avoiding a safe transit

It is imperative to ensure that the transit is properly shielded from the unauthorized elements present on the other side of the servers. For instance, open Wi-Fi connections keep lurking for apps that can be easily targeted.

To keep this security issue at bay, it is advisable to implement the latest SSL certificates and encryptions. This will help mobile app deliver a seamless and flawless performance without allowing the external elements to play with the app security.

3. Exposure with data caching

In many ways, mobile devices are undefensive as compared to desktops and laptops. Hackers are quite smart and know the way to gain the access to the cached information and thus, doodle with the device security.

This kind of mishaps can be prevented by using a password. By implementing passwords on applications, the data caching drawbacks can be effectively addressed. If interested, you can seek a mobile app development company and outsource Android app development to them while asking them create apps accompanied by passwords. There are several companies across the globe that offer outsourcing services at affordable prices.

4. Not considering the physical security issues

Many app developers often forget to make an app secure from the situations when a mobile device gets into unauthorized hands or in mobile theft cases. Experts must consider the security of the critical info kept in a mobile device in such situations. This is because, most of us carry several sensitive data on our mobile devices from auto-saved passwords to certain softwares to the saved account details. This can be easily hacked by hackers and benefit their business.

To combat this issue, a local session code can offer a decent solution. According to the local session code, the app users will be frequently (in certain periods) asked to enter a password to run an application. This will help secure the mobile data from the unforeseen mishaps and buttress the app performance.

These are a few of the effective mobile app security issues and their appropriate solutions that can help you create a highly secured and remarkable application. Go through the aforementioned tips and develop a valuable application to leverage your business.


Switch to the Popular Flexible Operating System

17 Jun

Android has made its mark as an operating system on smartphones in spite of its late entry. Its popularity over other operating systems can be attributed to its user friendly interface on smartphones.

Android, a Java based application, is a flexible platform that allows third party mobile applications. As an operating system it is found in a wide range of phones and internet devices. Android can be identified by its friendly interface, versatile features and interesting applications.

Entrepreneurs and business owners successfully use Android for the advancement of their ventures. Android applications are customized especially for businesses which reach out to a global audience.

Switch to the Popular Flexible Operating System

Android, an open source system, is an easily accessible platform which allows the development of useful applications.

Affordable range of services:

Android Development Company offers a multitude of services that include: Android web based applications, customised Android applications, Android games development, third party libraries building, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi support, and mobile business software creation.

A development company will use Linux, windows XP, Vista, C, C++, Android SDK and Java programming to build Android smartphone applications. The services that a development company provide are affordable and cost effective. You get an access to use application development tools, APIs and flexible application porting. The Android applications can be integrated with Google calendar and mail.

Apps that are especially meant for you:

Hire Android developers for apps that are flexible and designed to suit user needs. The Body Bugg is an app meant to keep you fit throughout the 24 hours of the day. It allows users to keep track of their daily calorie intake and the amount of burnt calories. This gives you enough information to manage your weight and eat sensibly.

Your Android phone can turn into a credit card terminal with the Phone Swipe app. You can make all your payments with your credit card on this app which comes with a credit card reader. The app makes sure you get a secure account.

Picture Alert is a parental control application. Now you can keep an eye on your child’s camera phone activity and install it on any device you like.

Another useful parental app is the Mom Maps. With this app you can utilize information made available by other parents. You get a whole lot of important information that will make parenting easy. You get information about parks, playgrounds, and event reviews.

The Habit Factor app allows you to make goals for yourself and work towards your personal development. This app makes it easier for you to overcome your bad habits.

Android’s Lookout Security and Antivirus keeps out viruses and malware that can damage your device. This app helps you protect your phone from loss or theft.

Wave Social GPS Maps can save you both money and time. This navigation and mapping app connects you with other drivers to guide you through traffic.

The ES File Explorer performs a whole lot of functions under one app. This all- in- one app acts as a file manager, application manager, task killer, and cloud storage client. Users can access documents, music and videos on both their Android phone and computer.