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iOS vs. Android – Which Platform Best Suit Mobile App Development For Business

15 Apr

With more and more companies making their way into the market, the competition has heightened to a great extent. One great way to beat the competition is to build an innovative and unique mobile app, ideally one that helps add value to consumers. As you may know, the use of smartphones is increasing at a fast pace, which enhances the likelihood of getting your apps downloaded by the majority of users. In fact, many businesses and companies are already making use of mobile applications as a tool to drive more users or to boost work productivity.

In order to meet the continuous demand for apps, companies are leveraging services of a professional to build something that could easily help them stand out from their competitors. So, if you have finally made up your mind on developing an app, possibly you might get stuck at deciding whether you hire iPhone app developer or an Android app development expert. The battle between developing an iOS or Android app is not new and has been brewing for quite some time now. But, in case you still find it difficult to come to some conclusion, below are a few important considerations worth taking at look at:


1. Increased Visibility

When it comes to increasing the visibility of your app, Android is the best platform that can offer you extended reach. After all, the OS holds maximum smartphone market share which means that creating an Android app help expand your reach to a larger user base compared to iOS applications.

2. Revenue Generation

In terms of revenue generation iOS apps surpass Android. In fact, it is estimated that “Apple’s app generate 73 percent revenue compared to 23 percent app revenue generated by Android.” Also, the sales revenue of iPhone/iPad apps is at least five times more than that of Google’s app. So, if you plan to monetize from your app, then to develop an application for Apple users will best fit your needs.

3. Publishing Your App

Getting your app published on Android app store is a lot easier in comparison to Apple. That’s because, unlike Apple’s stringent rules and regulations, the publishing process that you need to follow for Android applications is pretty simple. You just need a publisher account at Google Play Store and need to gain knowledge about publisher console and available tools. Next, enter all the necessary data at the Google Play Developer Console and then agree to the distribution terms. And then, pay the registration fee. After your account gets verified, you can make your app published directly via the Developer Console.

4. Design Standards

The design standards of iOS applications are better than Android apps, which can be attributed to Apple’s strict guidelines. However, the scenario has changed a bit post the release of Android’s Material Design principles. But still, iOS applications seem to have an upper hand over Android-based apps when it comes to developing one based on high quality design standards.

5. Which Produces Secure Apps?

Apple’s closed environment called “walled garden” helps in building secure apps free from malware. Besides, Apple avoids users from installing applications from third-party source. It only allows downloading apps from its app store, which helps in preventing malicious apps from making their way into the app store. In comparison to Apple apps, Android-based applications are less secure and more prone to getting attacked because of its increasing popularity.

Wrapping Up!

Hope the above list of points will help you decide which app platform will befit your business needs. But if you still feel confused, the best way to make the right decision is to understand the behavior of your customers and their needs. Basically, you need to check out whether your user prefers Google services like Google Now, Maps, etc., or find iTunes more useful. Getting information about your customer wants and needs from a mobile app will apparently enable you to decide which app platform is perfect for you.


Ideal Approach For Successfully Developing An iOS App

21 Apr


Apple iOS is the most popular mobile platform ever since its inception. Apple has persistently evolved it into an advanced OS that is capable of catering to the ongoing needs of the mobile market. Indubitably, its performance has been dramatically improved and it is anticipated that this will continue in the future as well.

Although Google Android has over 70% of the total market share, according to analytics report, the Apple App store generates around 70% more revenue than the Google Play store. This has greatly contributed to the iOS app development, and has made it a burgeoning industry. To meet the increasing demand for remarkable iOS apps, numerous service providers available out there. One can easily search a reliable iOS app development company and get a requisite app developed at a competitive pricing. However, those who are interested in developing iOS app on their own, here is a useful approach to help you accomplish your project with a flair.

Application development for the Apple iOS platform can be divided into four sections. Let’s explore each section one by one, and understand their prime objectives.

1. Seeking An Application Idea

Undoubtedly, this is a primary and most crucial section that demands a lot of research and brainstorming. The developer must kick around and first choose a category for which he wants to develop an iOS application. Then, he must think and plan out the features and functions that can ensure a surefire success to the app in the determined category.

This can be efficiently done by thoroughly observing the applications available in the App store. No matter which category he chooses, it is imperative to design a highly interactive, innovative and intriguing app that can efficiently hold the user’s interest. You can choose any category, including informative, gaming or interactive. Moreover, it is also essential to keep your app budget in mind while streamlining your choice for app category.

2. Planning The Look and Feel

Once who have an app idea in your mind, start with the designing process. If you don’t have any idea about app designing, it is advisable to look for an adroit iOS designer. First, sketch the basic layout to offer a brief idea about your app to designer. He can then scrutinize the crucial UI elements and accordingly plan the design to deliver an exceptional UI. Plan the layout of different screens and define how the user interactions will be performed.

3. App Design

It is better to have a team of professional designers who will dedicatedly perform their task. For instance, the app designing can be divided as graphic designing, web designing and print designing. All the groups are required to execute their plans in coordination with the iOS programmer; if you don’t know programming, it is recommended to hire iOS developer. This will certainly help you deliver an incredible app. All the UI elements like menu, icons, buttons, etc., are designed in this phase.

4. Launching An App

Now since, the idea, planning, designing and defining the layout, all the steps are accomplished, it is the time to release the app. For this, you have to seek App Store approval. If you get an approval from their, only then you can publish your app in the Apple App Store.

Suppose you are lucky enough to get its approval, now you need to create an app description and decide its price (or you may also choose to offer it for free).

By adhering to the aforementioned process, you can easily develop an iOS application and ensure that it will hit the store upon its release.