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Top 4 Languages Used By Professionals For Mobile App Development

3 May

With more and more businesses leveraging mobile app development, you can see hundreds of thousands of apps getting developed each day. When it comes to developing an app, several factors needs to be considered, ranging from the app and interface design to functionality. But regardless of how your app is designed, the major factor that helps to make it work is the programming language.

In short, the language you use for coding the app requires attention to detail irrespective of what type your development partner is building. As you may know, there are two different ways of coding the app:

  • First, you can write code once and run it across different web browsers. This helps in reducing your time and burden in coding for each platform individually.

  • Secondly, you will have to code for each mobile app platform separately. Of course, building a dedicated application can be costly. However, the performance of such apps is a lot better than web apps.

Irrespective of which type (native or the web) app you plan on developing, a reliable developer can help you create an effective product that performs as per your needs. But the most important question is “Which programming language you should choose for building a quality app?” Let’s have an overview of the most commonly used and preferred languages for app development:

programming lang


The Apple’s popular Swift language is now open source and is capable of building apps for all the Apple and Linux platforms. Swift is nothing but a modern and improved version of Objective-C language. However, the fact that Swift is similar to the Java programming language is what makes it an attractive choice among iPhone app development company for coding mobile apps. Also, it is less cluttered and easier to understand compared to previous Apple programming languages. Besides, the Swift language is easier to learn and use. It was mainly created to work with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch languages.


The most popular language used by the majority of app developers for mobile application development is Java. It is an object-oriented language built by Sun Microsystems and is utilized by the Android OS. Java enables developers to write code only once and make it run in many different environments, browsers, etc.

Since most of the developers are familiar with the Java programming language, it becomes easier to build apps using this programming language. Moreover, Java helps in speeding up development and deployment of mobile apps by allowing developers to reuse code.


While it’s true that most of the developers prefer using the Swift language over Objective-C, but you can’t deny the fact that the latter is still used for app development. Moreover, since Objective-C is Apple’s oldest language, its use won’t abate anytime soon. Since Objective-C is based on the OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) concept, it helps in writing the code around separate objects having their own data and logic.

Although you will have to spend time in rigorous planning during application development, but the benefit of using Objective-C is the ease it provides in avoiding long strings of code. Instead, the language creates classes with attributes and functions for objects.


Last on the list, HTML5 is becoming the ideal programming language for building web applications for the front-end. Furthermore, the responsive nature of HTML5 help developers in creating apps for multiple screen sizes, and for different browsers. Another great advantage of using this language makes app development a less expensive process.

Remember, HTML5 is the best choice for building browser-based apps.


Do you know which programming language will best fit your app development project needs? If not, then reading this post will definitely give you an idea of the most popular and widely used languages you should consider for developing an app.


Drawbacks Involved In Developing Mobile Applications

30 Mar

More organizations are now turning towards developing mobile applications for their organizations. It’s just because business applications have many evident advantages. We have seen such a variety of examples of overcoming adversity in the previous couple of years, that more organizations are propelled to go mobile app based. It is thus exhorted that we are not distracted by conceivable outcomes. In the event that any portable application is a matter of fact that every business needs, and you should comprehend what reason it will serve and how gainful it will be to you?

If there is something that has given a new definition to the whole world in terms of technology, then it is surely iOS apps. Between, you will come across thousands of iPhone App development companies that holds an extensive experience as well as development skills on developing iOS applications.

mobile app

All things considered, mobile applications most of the times are preferred for downloadable purposes that every clients can introduce on their respective devices. These applications are a medium for clients to be in consistent touch with your business. It’s extraordinary for your business as well as you can send information about your most recent developments and what it offers and so on.

Nonetheless, there are few risks that are involved in the event where you will find that your application is not functioning appropriately.

Assess what highlights you have to incorporate into your mobile applications

Clients are going to download your application just on the off chance that they discover worth in keeping them continuously on their mobile phones. On the off chance that if any of your mobile application is repetitive and functions only to promote your business features, then it is almost useless if we talk in terms of productivity for the client. A client will without a doubt, erase such an application. Apart from these facts, before you jump into the improvement stage, deliberately list out for what highlights you might want to incorporate into your application. Select the components that are valuable for your clients.

Outcomes of building an application that your objective clients don’t need

One of the most negative impact on your developing mobile application is that for any business building up a portable application where you are delivering an application that your clients don’t need. Mobile application development process requires huge time limit to make the application function effectively.

It’s all squandered if nobody utilizes the application. How can this happen? This happens when you approach mobile application improvement stages from the wrong point of view.

Danger of unsustainable client development

On the inverse end of the development, we find another test: What happens if an excess of individuals are utilizing your application? Consider the possibility that it takes off quicker than you could ever anticipate. You could be stuck supporting a huge number of clients. Is it accurate to say that you are ready for that?

Dangers of security breaks

Security breaks are surely just the same old thing new, and apply to a web or mobile application. The threat here lies in belittling the requirement for legitimate security precautionary measures inside the mobile applications. A few organizations commit the error of accepting local applications are innately secure, and disregard appropriate efforts to establish safety all the while.

Danger of putting resources into a stage that you can’t control

As I would like to think, the greatest danger of mobile application improvement lies in your complete absence of controlling over the stage itself. What happens if the stage proprietor chooses to offer itself or close down totally? Since you have no power over the stage, you’re in a tough situation.

So, I hope you guys have got enough idea about various dangers that might occur with your mobile apps development process.

Thinking about iPhone app internationalization? Hiring a trained iPhone app programmer can help

7 May iPhone Application Development

Well, now that that you’re done with building an outstanding iPhone application, it’s time to integrate the internationalization features so as to extend its reach across countries all over the world. If you look at the statistics, it’s quite clear that nearly 8 out of every 10 largest iPhone markets don’t belong to native English speakers. Therefore, opting for internationalization of your iPhone app is perhaps an excellent option to ensure greater market penetration. Through this article, I’ll be focusing on hiring an iPhone application programmer who can look into this requirement for your iPhone application.

Translation of user interface is of prime importance

As an approach to internationalize your iPhone app, make sure the iPhone App Development Company which you hire for performing the job has a team of programmers which is competent in customizing the user interface while keeping the cultural differences in mind. Ranging from graphics and texts to multimedia etc, make sure the programmer has ample amount of experience in performing tweaks to the app’s user interface in a way that it can woo users from different parts of the world.

Effective localization of metadata within the app store is vital

As an app developer, you need to look into translating the iPhone application into a languages that can be readily read and understood by the natives. For instance, if you intend to develop an iPhone application in Burmese, the the very first step that you need to follow is translate the application description into Burmese. It is this application description which serves as an excellent tool for accurate app marketing. You must know that something which is effective in English might not be effective in Burmese. Therefore, it is a wise decision to write the application description in accordance to the cultural ethinicity of the users you’re targeting.

Modifying log and keywords based on local langauge is mandatory

While seeking an iPhone app developer who can perform internationalization of your iPhone application, it is recommended to opt for the one who can easily modify the log along with the keywords that enable users to reach your application. If the app programmer fails to do so, then you can end up driving the attention of a limited group of targeted audience. In order to allow the app to support content in multiple local languages, you need to create a separate user, followed by integrating content with the application and accepting the user generated text in the desired local language.

Promotion of the internationalized iPhone application is a must-do

Once the iPhone app developer is done with intergrating internationalization feature in your iPhone app, it’s time for him/her to explore the iPhone App Store resource center for finding a variety of promotional badges and images which can play a significant role in effective promotion of the iPhone application that’s now available in a set of languages.


If you’ve gone through the above details carefully, you’d have got a clear insights into the easy execution of iPhone app internationalization process. By following some really simple steps, you can transform your current iPhone app into one that can reach a global audience.

Key Factors to Know While Outsourcing Your iPhone App Development Project

20 Mar

Image 1It’s a well-known fact that Apple’s iPhone has beaten off the competition and it has successfully managed to become a people’s platform. The company has been able to generate stunning demand for its devices with each passing year constantly. The product’s ultimate success lies in the development of breathtaking applications that truly engaging and stimulating.

Folks love iOS apps because they are user-friendly and engaging. Looking at the higher percentage of growing iPhone users, it can be said that iOS apps have transformed the mobile app development in a very dynamic way. Given to its popularity, it’s no surprising that many businesses have included iPhone app development as an integral part of their strategy. Programmers too have started looking at this platform with a great positivity. There are so many offshore software companies out there that are into iPhone development and help you get your application built effectively.

However, choosing the right iPhone app development company for your business is a crucial step and should be dealt with proper care. The Apple fever is catching up so many companies, so how would you decide which one is just right for you. There are some key factors which one must consider before you finally outsource your project.

Some of them are:

1. Level of Experience

Make sure that whatever the company you select, it must posses long years of working experience in creating iPhone apps. Additionally, they should also know how to market your app better among your users.

2. Check Previous Work

Image 2It’s important to check previous work of the company you are going to select. They should also be open to show you their past work to instill confidence in your mind. This way you can see that quality they have maintained in their work. Check their portfolio to see the work and projects accomplished by them.

3. Level of Innovation

Users love apps that are innovative and engaging. Apps that are built using ground breaking concept have the tendency to attract target audience as compared to those which are not. So, make sure that your chosen company has a team of developers who are skillful enough to create unique and ingenious apps to stimulate your audience.

4. Ability to Customize Image 3It should be able to provide customized services which can be adjusted as per your business needs. Customized services rule the business world and it’s a no secret that many businesses prefer to have them to provide their customers exactly what they want.

5. Application Design

After all, the basic goal behind an application building is to create user engagement and generate revenue. Your chosen iPhone app development company must be able to create designs that are fresh, enticing, and stimulate conversions. They know factors to consider while planning the design of an app. A quality design is attractive and provides a positive user experience, which is important to create a loyal customer base.

To Sum Up

Application development is a step that has a massive bearing on your digital presence. So, make the right choice while selecting a company and develop applications that help you stay ahead of the curve.

Be an iPhone Developer in 7 Easy Steps

27 Aug

1You just can’t overstate the fact that the iPhone now, has become a people’s platform. Since the day, Apple has launched its iTunes Store, more than 500,000 apps have been approved and downloaded by the Apple, and thousands of more apps ideas are scrolling on napkins by the developers around the world. But the question is: how to start developing an iPhone app? What exactly you need to do to create an iPhone app? Luckily, it’s quite easy and fun to become an iPhone developer in just a few steps.

In this article, we have outlined 5 easy steps which you can follow to develop your first iPhone app.

1. Get a Mac

To begin with, you’ll need a Mac, if you don’t have the top of the range model, don’t worry, a basic version can also be used. Additionally, you’ll also need to take Apple Developer Connection Membership which is free of cost in order to download latest version of Xcode and the iPhone SDK.

2. Get the SDK (software development kit)

Apple provides a software development kit (SDK) free of cost in its iPhone App Development to help developers to start developing iOS apps. The kit contains on the needed development tools such as software packages, frameworks, game console, operating systems etc., for the developers developing iPhone applications. The kit also includes Xcode 4, which is a special kind of program that enables developers to create rich and cool apps.

3. Make Your Hello World App

A “Hello World” is a special computer program designed for the application developers to get a complete knowledge of the basic syntax or the code of the programming language. It also ensures that each and every process is executed correctly. The main objective of using the program is to help people with limited understanding of the programming language to come up with robust applications.

4. Learn Objective-C

Objective-C is the language web masters use to create iOS apps. Objective-C is an easy to understand programming language which including scripting elements, which help developers to get a grip on the process of developing iPhone apps. The reason why the language is popular because it is somewhere closely related to Java and deals with complicated areas of programming.

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5. Make Your iPhone App

Now, you are familiar with the SDK and objective-c, it’s time for developing a compelling iPhone app. Here, you need to work on the core development process and work on transforming your raw idea into a reality. You can take a look at the SDK that actually includes a list of some sample projects that cover the necessary aspects of the development process. So, the best way is to get an idea from one of those and work out to construct your own app.

6. Sign up as an iPhone Developer

Whenever you plan to release your app, you need to zeal for availing iPhone Developer for Hire program. It costs around $99 and also involves Apple’s approval, agreeing to terms and conditions etc. Even if you are half done with your project, you’ll need to sign up to test the reliability of your app on a real iPhone rather than onscreen emulator.

7. Submit Your iPhone App

Completed apps should be submitted to the Apple for approval. Here, you need to submit your app to the Apple Review Team, who checks and provides feedback about your app.

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See, it wasn’t that hard right! iPhone app development is an easy process and help you money roll in your store.

Explore mobile advertising leverages and its expected trends in 2014

17 Dec


Mobile advertising simply refers to a particular mode of advertising that is usually done with the aid of mobile phones and many other mobile devices including tablets. However, there is a plethora of viewers that deems advertising as sub-segment of online advertising. Apparently, its scope is much far different from more than 7 billion mobile subscriptions across the globe. Moreover, global cross-platform and the mobile advertising market is tailoring as per the advancement of the latest internet devices, advancement in the network technologies,  growing iPhone App Development and diversified advertising platform.

In fact, cross platform as well as mobile advertising is assumed as the subset of online advertising. As you also know that all the devices are networked with the aid of internet and the advancement in the 2G, 3G and 4G technologies has also developed innumerable opportunities for the multi-screen advertisement. Advertising newbie and existing vendors have entered the market with the acquisitions, innovations and partnerships. The vendors are also again focusing their customers using cross-platform advertising.

World-wide amendments in mobile advertising:


The advancement year-over-year seems to be a very strong board which was commanded by North America and it shows a 111% rush over the figures of 2011. Western Europe also countered a major elevation, that is, 91% over the last year. There are many more facts and figures listed below:

  • Asia – Pacific : 60%
  • Middle-east and Africa : 68%
  • Central Europe : 69%
  • Latin America : 71%

Since, mobile has proved itself to be a new darling of advertising industry, therefore, it is very easy to ignore the fact that 5 years ago, this sector didn’t exist. However, with the penetration of smartphone in US, it has increased up to 60% as per the Nielson figures.

Smartphone Shipment Projections:


Smartphone shipment projections are distributed in 14 OS categories:

  • Ubuntu
  • Apple iOS
  • Symbian
  • Android
  • Tizen
  • Bada
  • Sailfish
  • Blackberry OS
  • Palm OS
  • Firefox OS
  • Microsoft
  • LiMo
  • MeeGo
  • Others

Leading Mobile Advertising trends:


  • Adoption of mobile is tremendously fast:

Smartphones have grabbed the market at the higher rate than that of any consumer technology in the past human history. This all has happened because of ultimate innovations done by skilled Phone Application Developers. It has also reached the maturity level of the market of TV, radio, commercial Internet and other technologies.

  • Android vs. iPhone:

iPhone versus Android has become the favorite topic of tech lovers. Thus, you can explore endless blog posts, studies and debates over the internet. As per the US data, sale of Android phones is giving equal competition to smarphones just like iPhone.

  • One-third of US adults owns tablets:

Tablets trend has doubled after 2011. Almost 34% of adults of America is owing a tablet computer and a majority of people are owing a higher income households. Moreover, tablets are now deemed as the PC and laptops as they are handier than those of desktops.

  • Global mobile advertising revenues rolling:

No matter, advertisers are still trying to identify the mobile platform; the good news is that the revenue generated from all the mobile ads is boosting up at the worldwide level.

According to some data, it is believed that the complexity level of advertising, privacy issues and locations are some of the major issues of mobile advertising market and cross-platform. All such issues are hindering the enterprises and also the customers in order to adopt the latest mobile advertising and cross-platform for online transactions. Such trends have also allowed newbie to Make accounting less complicated and acquire high business productivity.

iOS: an Enticing Operating System for developing iPhone Apps

20 Jun

Mobile technology is on the verge today, where one can find diverse novel upgradation of various devices already available in the market. Smart phones are hitting the wave replacing PC s and almost every individual is found using one. Even among the smart phones, iPhone are found to be ruling the community because of its classy style, awe inspiring appearance, and ample features that are pretty ideal for most of the people particularly businessmen and those in corporate. The increasing demand of the device usage is drawing the attention of many people towards the features of the device and so the need for an individual capable of efficient iPhone app development is also found to be increasing.

iOS in general: The sole platform involved in the mobile application development, particularly the iPhone is the iOS operating system. Diverse operating systems like the android, windows, blackberry and more have been emerged with time, but iOS remain the most popular iPhone operating system because of various features it is known for. They include the originality of the software, coding process, improved and superior quality features supported by graphics and more that can simply help in creating enticing applications for a mobile device. In order to develop some precise applications using this operating system, one can hire iOS developers India and ensure to attain some reliable and also efficient services.

Considerations before hire: Even before hiring an individual for the process of iPhone app development, one needs to consider certain pretty important things. They generally include the following.

Past experience and expertise in the relative field: Any individual willing to take up the task of app development should first understand and learn the skills behind the process. Experience will be crucial as it can lead the individual to develop great applications for the device that can live up to the expectations.

Custom App development: An individual hired for the process should not only know the techniques in app development but must also possess some skill in custom developments. i.e, they must hold the skill of converting an existing feature or application into a more dynamic and an acceptable one.

Hands on Software Development Kit: Even before going for hiring iOS developers India, it is pretty necessary to know about his/her experience on the SDK tools. The individual must be able to develop some really exciting and interesting applications that can easily grab the user attention.

User Support: The developer must not only develop perfect apps but should also provide some really precise end support to the clients. i.e., the applications end support software should be well designed in in such a way that they can enhance the apps usability.

A Programmer: An individual willing to work for iPhone apps development should be an efficient professional with expertise in C programming language as it is the most preferred scripting language known. They should be capable of creating high quality graphic applications that can be promoted and marketed without much difficulty. They should possess enough skill in writing codes by the help of some resources and external data.

About Author:

Rick Brown is a renowned iOS developers India, who interests in providing assistance to business organizations in availing iPhone App Development Services. Google+ profile

iOS is Amazing, Simply Outsource Coding to Milk Its Benefits

8 May

Well, it is true that iPhone is a sensation and it will probably be until the last day of its continuity. People dream buying an iOS corresponding device whether it is iPhone, iPad, or iPod. They take Apple as a symbol of innovation and pay happily for its devices and applications. Using Apple is like celebrating innovation for people. Therefore, people love to yield everything that they got from App Store. So, your app at App Store will be a productive element for your business organization. Here are few reasons that reason the selection of iOS for creating a mobile app.

Narrow Market

Currently, the market at App Store is narrow. Your rivals will probably have not explored this market and interacted iOS users. So, it is an opportunities for you to get there at first and establish your rule in your niche. It will be a right step for your business organization. You just need to follow below given steps carefully.

Outsource Your Job

You can easily outsource iPhone development job to a virtually located business organization. The remotely located coding agencies take iOS development jobs more seriously than your local ones. Therefore, you will not have to take unnecessary stress for the qualitative development of your app. It will be an easy step towards your iOS app development. You just need to join hands with a right developer.

Listen To Your Developer

Many business owners hate listening to their programmers. They just try to annoy their coders with their traditional app development ideas. If you are also doing so then you should be aware with the fact that it is a self-destructing step. You need to understand that your hired coders deal with iOS apps more than you do. Therefore, your coders will have more understanding then you. In this way, you should ask your developer to share his or her ideas and you should entertain the unique ideas of your developer with open mind. It will help you in contriving unique ideas for your business organization’s iOS app.

Motivate Your Developer

It is common to face rejections from App Store. Because, Apple employees the most quality centric and even quality maniac professionals in its quality management team. Therefore, rejection is common for an average app. You should not lose your temper on your coders for rejection from App store. Considerably, motivating developers is the only way you can get your app approved by App Store. You should have patience for approval of your application.

Reward Your Coders

On availing a successful submission at App Store, you should try to reward your developers with prizes. It is a fact that you will earn a fortune and give an amazing boost to your business organization with the help of your iOS app. So, you must reward your developers.

Ask for Long-Term Model

You must ask your developers to accompany your regular staff. An iOS app can face issues at any point of time. Therefore, your developers should be with you to help you in rectifying the error and resubmitting the app in App Store for review.

It will be an easy and interesting process to create interesting application for your business organization, especially for Apple users. You just need to keep your finger crossed while waiting for the App store’s reaction. The one time approval will be an iconic success for you.

ABC is a skilled iOS trainer, motivational speaker, and consultant, who interests in providing interesting tips to Outsource iPhone development. He also advises to hire iOS Developers in long-term engagement model.

About Author: Rick Brown is an innovative veteran iOS developer, who spends his time in advising newbie business organization in finding iPhone development company for iPhone development services to adopt “bring your own device” philosophy.

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