Explore mobile advertising leverages and its expected trends in 2014

17 Dec


Mobile advertising simply refers to a particular mode of advertising that is usually done with the aid of mobile phones and many other mobile devices including tablets. However, there is a plethora of viewers that deems advertising as sub-segment of online advertising. Apparently, its scope is much far different from more than 7 billion mobile subscriptions across the globe. Moreover, global cross-platform and the mobile advertising market is tailoring as per the advancement of the latest internet devices, advancement in the network technologies,  growing iPhone App Development and diversified advertising platform.

In fact, cross platform as well as mobile advertising is assumed as the subset of online advertising. As you also know that all the devices are networked with the aid of internet and the advancement in the 2G, 3G and 4G technologies has also developed innumerable opportunities for the multi-screen advertisement. Advertising newbie and existing vendors have entered the market with the acquisitions, innovations and partnerships. The vendors are also again focusing their customers using cross-platform advertising.

World-wide amendments in mobile advertising:


The advancement year-over-year seems to be a very strong board which was commanded by North America and it shows a 111% rush over the figures of 2011. Western Europe also countered a major elevation, that is, 91% over the last year. There are many more facts and figures listed below:

  • Asia – Pacific : 60%
  • Middle-east and Africa : 68%
  • Central Europe : 69%
  • Latin America : 71%

Since, mobile has proved itself to be a new darling of advertising industry, therefore, it is very easy to ignore the fact that 5 years ago, this sector didn’t exist. However, with the penetration of smartphone in US, it has increased up to 60% as per the Nielson figures.

Smartphone Shipment Projections:


Smartphone shipment projections are distributed in 14 OS categories:

  • Ubuntu
  • Apple iOS
  • Symbian
  • Android
  • Tizen
  • Bada
  • Sailfish
  • Blackberry OS
  • Palm OS
  • Firefox OS
  • Microsoft
  • LiMo
  • MeeGo
  • Others

Leading Mobile Advertising trends:


  • Adoption of mobile is tremendously fast:

Smartphones have grabbed the market at the higher rate than that of any consumer technology in the past human history. This all has happened because of ultimate innovations done by skilled Phone Application Developers. It has also reached the maturity level of the market of TV, radio, commercial Internet and other technologies.

  • Android vs. iPhone:

iPhone versus Android has become the favorite topic of tech lovers. Thus, you can explore endless blog posts, studies and debates over the internet. As per the US data, sale of Android phones is giving equal competition to smarphones just like iPhone.

  • One-third of US adults owns tablets:

Tablets trend has doubled after 2011. Almost 34% of adults of America is owing a tablet computer and a majority of people are owing a higher income households. Moreover, tablets are now deemed as the PC and laptops as they are handier than those of desktops.

  • Global mobile advertising revenues rolling:

No matter, advertisers are still trying to identify the mobile platform; the good news is that the revenue generated from all the mobile ads is boosting up at the worldwide level.

According to some data, it is believed that the complexity level of advertising, privacy issues and locations are some of the major issues of mobile advertising market and cross-platform. All such issues are hindering the enterprises and also the customers in order to adopt the latest mobile advertising and cross-platform for online transactions. Such trends have also allowed newbie to Make accounting less complicated and acquire high business productivity.


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